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Welcome to the ROI of Why. The podcast that explores all things purpose and impact as it relates to business. Just a heads up, this is not your typical podcast. Every week, Graham and Andrew explore the growing shift that is placing people over profits.

the latest episode

The ROI of Why seeks to discover the motivation and implementation tactics used by businesses across the globe to drive their impact and purpose. In this week’s episode, Graham and Andrew discuss the direction of season two and outline what’s to come.

about the show

Seeking to uncover the correlation between purpose and business, The ROI of Why explores all things impact related within different markets and sectors. Every week, Graham and Andrew investigate the growing shift that is placing people over profits. The two connect with business owners, entrepreneurs, and influential members of organizations to better understand what drives their business models to place a heavy emphasis on doing good within their communities, their markets, and the world.

what we explore

Throughout the last decade, a significant movement has become more prevalent within the business world. An initiative that places a greater emphasis on people over profit; more organizations are embracing their passion for impact in an effort to leave the world in a better state from which they found it. Entities such as Ben and Jerry’s, Tom’s Shoes, Warby Parker, Patagonia, and many more are thriving with purpose at the wheel. What implications does this hold for marketplace opportunity? What internal and external challenges do these companies face when shifting their primary trajectory towards doing good in the world? Is there merit in the common stigma of organizations needing to be a nonprofit to place focus on impact and change? These and questions of the same vein are what Graham and Andrew seek to uncover. By sitting with entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, executives, and visionaries who are walking the walk, the two have the opportunity to seek out how this movement is changing the way business is being done across the globe.

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meet your hosts

The ROI of Why is hosted by Graham Pansing Brooks and Andrew Tuzson. The two are a dynamic force who understand business methodologies and the importance for purpose within the walls of an organization. When they’re not engrossed in compelling conversations on the show, the two work for organizations focused on impact and purpose. Graham is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Do More Good Movement and Andrew serves as the VP of Client Experience of Firespring.

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